Revenue Management

We work with clients to optimize the key drivers of growth and profitability at retail.


Shelf space is a valuable commodity, so brands and retailers need to effectively utilize it. Using our EasyOpt™ Assortment Optimization method, we analyze consumer research and performance metrics to rank the best-performing and least duplicative items in a category. We also quantify the financial implications of applying these assortment recommendations at retail..


For some organizations, trade and promotional spending can be a black hole, where clear understanding of resources and ROI disappear. Using our TradeMax™ optimization analysis, we analyze the impact of trade promotion across consumer segments and business units to unlock the “true spend” of initiatives across an organization and improve the implementation and ROI of promotional activity.


We help clients realize the profit opportunities that exist within their business — based on the value that consumers assign to them. By conducting advanced shopper analytics and our 3D™ Dynamic Price Model, we identify and quantify the value drivers across a business, resulting in a strategic selling framework that enables the sales organization to speak more effectively with retailers about joint opportunities to unlock value.