Custom Analytics

We partner with clients to create a customized approach to analysis and problem-solving, resulting in tailored solutions to specific business or consumer-facing needs.

Advanced Business Analytics

We recognize that businesses are unique – with specific questions and challenges that warrant a relevant, nuanced response. We partner with clients to understand and address these specific business needs. We customize our approach, conducting research and analysis at a granular level to define over-arching opportunities for improved growth and profitability. Importantly, we also translate these opportunities back into the most relevant implications for our clients and stakeholders.

Advanced Consumer Analytics

In the age of Big Data and information availability, we help our clients filter the wealth of information into actionable insights that solve specific business issues. Whether we conduct custom research, integrate disparate sources of consumer knowledge, or create a new approach to data analysis and activation, we work with clients to define their specific consumer-facing issues and uncover actionable insights to solve them.

Control Store Tests

Testing is an important step along the route to market for a product or strategy. We work with brands and retailers to collect the learning that maximizes success. We help our clients choose an ideal set of control and test stores and design quantitatively backed methodologies to validate hypotheses, gain consumer/shopper insights and determine whether potential initiatives warrants broader expansion.