Category Leadership

We guide manufacturers and retailers with the insights, strategies and vision to best manage, grow and innovate in their categories.


For brands to thrive at retail, they must activate the strategies and initiatives that grow their categories. To drive category growth, manufacturers must understand and address the priorities of their customer teams, from key shopper needs to drivers of growth and profitability. We unite the priorities of both brands and retailers to create an actionable selling platform that establishes a compelling vision for consumers and categories alike.


To achieve sustainable and profitable category growth, manufacturers and retailers must understand and act upon key opportunities for their consumers, shoppers and businesses. We define these opportunities and translate them into best-in-class practices for merchandising, assortment, pricing and shelving. We then enable our clients to activate these strategies with insights and resources that are relevant to the needs of their audience.

Category Leadership Program for CPG Manufacturer

We ignited growth for a mature product category by uniting brand marketing
initiatives, retail best practices and unmet consumer needs under a definitive
vision to reach their “Core” and “Growth” consumers