CNBC: Rose cider is here and it could be the millennial pink drink of this summer

Just in time for warmer weather, a number of liquor companies are launching rose hard cider, seasonal hard apple ciders with that familiar, rosy millennial pink hue.

Angry Orchard, MillerCoors, Strongbow and Bold Rock are just a few of the brands seeking to capitalize on the rose trend that swept up consumers last summer.

Angry Orchard’s Rose cider is inspired by the light and fruity elements of a rose wine and made from six different apple varieties, including a red flesh apple that helps give the beverage its flavor and distinctive color, as well as a hint of hibiscus.

Similarly, MillerCoors, Bold Rock and Strongbow’s rose ciders have an apple base, but also include ingredients like pears and rose petals.

“Rose is up on the bell curve, it’s a prevalent trend, but it’s not reached its apex,” Ken Harris, managing partner at Cadent Consulting Group, told CNBC.

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