Statisticians lead the analytical approach to solve advanced problems for clients in such areas as consumer/shopper segmentation, purchase decision trees, item assortment optimization, strategic pricing and promotion strategy. Cadent has developed and trademarked several proprietary models, and we seek creative problem solvers to continue to build this area.


Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement analytical and statistical techniques across a wide range of data types to formulate strategic plans and tactical recommendations
  • Brainstorm new and innovative methods of conducting analyses, presenting data, and reporting findings. Develop proprietary approaches.
  • Lead a team of business analysts to gather research, perform analyses, develop
    projections and interpret results; collaborate with and support consultant and client teams to complete deliverables
  • Present findings in a fluid, logical manner at client meetings and worksessions


  • Advanced degree in Statistics and solid understanding of marketing analytics; MBA recommended
  • Strong command of marketing analytics (marketing models, research methods, multivariate statistics and marketing research) and programming expertise (SPSS, Excel)
  • Team player and self-starter, willing to take initiative, learn by doing and lead teams

If you would like to be considered for the Statistician role at Cadent, please submit your resume and cover letter to